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Junior Developer/Engineer

Embark on your journey into software development with Recruiting Simple’s Junior Developer/Engineer program. Our hands-on curriculum emphasizes practical learning in essential technologies such as React.js, Bootstrap, Webpack, Redux, and Jest for front-end development. Additionally, gain valuable SQL expertise to refine your server-side skills and finesse.

Frontend Developer

Craft captivating user experiences and bring digital visions to life with Recruiting Simple’s Frontend Developer program. Dive deep into Angular, Tailwind CSS, Parcel, Vuex, Mocha, Node.js, and MySQL to build immersive web designs that resonate with audiences and drive engagement. Get in Touch with Us Today CONTACT US

Backend Developer

Architect robust server logic and database solutions with Recruiting Simple’s Backend Developer program. Master Vue.js, Bulma, Rollup.js, NgRx, Jasmine, Python, and PostgreSQL to power the next-generation applications efficiently and reliably.

Full-Stack Developer

Unlock your full potential and bridge the gap between front-end finesse and back-end prowess with Recruiting Simple’s Full-Stack Developer program. Harness the power of Ember.js, Materialize CSS, Cypress, Java, and SQLite to deliver seamless end-to-end experiences that captivate users and drive results.

Web/Mobile/Desktop Developer/Engineer

Explore limitless possibilities and engineer innovative solutions across diverse platforms with Recruiting Simple’s Web/Mobile/Desktop Developer/Engineer program. Versatility reigns supreme as you delve into technologies like Svelte, Foundation, Ruby, SQL Server, and PHP, catering to a wide range of user needs and preferences.

UI/UX Developer

Craft captivating interfaces and deliver delightful user experiences with Recruiting Simple’s UI/UX Developer program. Blend design finesse with technical acumen and leverage tools like Adobe XD, Sketch, and cutting-edge frontend technologies to create immersive digital experiences that captivate and inspire.

Database Developer

Master the art of data management and optimize systems for seamless application performance with Recruiting Simple’s Database Developer program. Dive deep into technologies like SQLAlchemy, Hibernate, and SQL mastery to ensure efficient data storage and retrieval, laying the foundation for scalable and robust applications.

API Developer

Bridge the gap between software components and enable seamless communication with Recruiting Simple’s API Developer program. Forge connections using Express.js, Django, Flask, and a range of database management systems, empowering applications to interact seamlessly and efficiently.

Senior Web/Mobile/Desktop Developer/Engineer

Lead the charge and steer projects towards success with Recruiting Simple’s Senior Web/Mobile/Desktop Developer/Engineer program. Command MySQL Workbench, Express.js, Jenkins, Sequelize, and RESTful APIs, leveraging seasoned expertise to drive innovation and deliver top-tier solutions.

Frontend Architect

Architect tomorrow’s interfaces and shape immersive digital experiences with Recruiting Simple’s Frontend Architect program. Design scalable ecosystems using pgAdmin, Django, GitLab CI/CD, and GraphQL, and set the standard for excellence in front-end development.

Backend Architect

Blueprint resilience and engineer bulletproof backend systems with Recruiting Simple’s Backend Architect program. Design robust systems with MongoDB Compass, Spring Boot, CircleCI, and gRPC, fortifying applications against the challenges of tomorrow.

DevOps Engineer

Optimize efficiency and streamline workflows with Recruiting Simple’s DevOps Engineer program. Orchestrate seamless development and deployment pipelines using GitLab, Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes, and drive innovation with cutting-edge DevOps practices.

Tech Excellence Tech Excellence

Lead Web/Mobile/Desktop Developer/Engineer

Lead by example and drive innovation with Recruiting Simple’s Lead Web/Mobile/Desktop Developer/Engineer program. Guide teams with Slack, Laravel, Git, and Swift, and foster a culture of excellence and collaboration in every project.

Technical Lead

Set the standard for technical excellence and champion best practices with Recruiting Simple’s Technical Lead program. Lead with Microsoft Teams, CodeIgniter, Electron, and SwiftUI, and ensure top-tier deliverables and technical excellence in every endeavor.

Project Manager

Navigate success and deliver results with precision with Recruiting Simple’s Project Manager program. Steer projects with Jira, Trello, and meticulous planning, orchestrating seamless execution and delivering projects on time and within budget.

Web/Mobile Architect

Architect for the future and shape tomorrow’s digital landscape with Recruiting Simple’s Web/Mobile Architect program. Design scalable infrastructures using the combined framework, Cross-platform tools, and cloud platforms like AWS or GCP, and drive innovation with cutting-edge architectural practices.

Solution Architect

Design solutions with impact and address complex business challenges effectively with Recruiting Simple’s Solution Architect program. Marry technical expertise with domain knowledge, and craft comprehensive solutions that drive business growth and innovation.

Infrastructure Architect

Fortify foundations and ensure the scalability, reliability, and security of underlying infrastructure with Recruiting Simple’s Infrastructure Architect program. Design resilient systems with Terraform, and lay the groundwork for success in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Principal Web/Mobile/Desktop Engineer

Lead with innovation and shape the future of software development with Recruiting Simple’s Principal Web/Mobile/Desktop Engineer program. Drive technical direction with React Native, Visual Studio Code, AWS, and Git, and push the boundaries of what’s possible in technology.

Technical Evangelist

Inspire with technology and empower developers and organizations to reach new heights with Recruiting Simple’s Technical Evangelist program. Advocate for innovation with Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, and Docker, and drive technological advancement with passion and conviction.

Research Scientist

Pioneer the future and push the boundaries of what’s possible in technology with Recruiting Simple’s Research Scientist program. Explore new horizons with SwiftUI, Java, Xamarin, and Kubernetes, and drive innovation with cutting-edge research and experimentation.

Engineering Manager/Director

Lead with vision and ensure alignment with business goals and technical excellence with Recruiting Simple’s Engineering Manager/Director program. Oversee teams with UIKit, Android Jetpack, Ionic, and Xcode, and drive innovation with a strategic vision for success.

Team Lead

Empower collaboration and foster teamwork with Recruiting Simple’s Team Lead program. Facilitate seamless communication and productivity within teams with Android Studio, and drive success through collaboration and cooperation.

Product Owner

Drive innovation and shape the future of technology with Recruiting Simple’s Product Owner program. Shape the future with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools like Terraform, and ensure scalable infrastructure to support product evolution and growth.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Chart the course for success and drive business growth with Recruiting Simple’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) program. Set the tone with Terraform, and guide technology strategy and innovation to drive business growth and competitive advantage.


Most frequent questions and answers

To enroll in one of our programs, visit our website and select the program that aligns with your career goals. You can fill out the registration form online, and our team will get in touch with you to guide you through the enrollment process.

At Recruiting Simple, we focus on personalized learning experiences, up-to-date curriculum aligned with industry demands, and comprehensive career support. Our programs are designed by industry experts and continuously updated to reflect the latest trends and technologies in software development.

Recruiting Simple’s programs cater to a wide range of tech professionals, including Junior Developers, Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, Full-Stack Developers, UI/UX Developers, Database Developers, API Developers, Senior Developers, Architects, DevOps Engineers, Technical Leads, Project Managers, Product Owners, Engineering Managers, and even Chief Technology Officers (CTOs).

This program includes Vue.js, Bulma, Rollup.js, NgRx, Jasmine, Python, and PostgreSQL, focusing on building robust server logic and database solutions.

Absolutely! We partner with companies to help them find the best tech talent. Our graduates are well-equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in various technical roles. Companies interested in hiring our graduates or collaborating on custom training programs can contact us directly.

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