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Profile Image Guidelines

Guidelines To Upload your Profile Picture

  1. Name your image file as on your official Identity card & Pick a photo that looks same as you.

Make sure your profile picture is up to date (within the past few months) and reflects how you look on a daily basis.

  1. Use a high-resolution image.

Posted image between 700-1,000 pixels in width or height. Try to avoid small, low-resolution images. Image size could reach 9 MB max. If the picture looks a bit blurry, you may need to opt for a different one. 

  1. Make sure your face takes up to at least 60% of the image frame.

Crop the picture from just above your head to shoulders so that your face fills the picture frame.

  1. You must be the only person in the picture.

Using a group photo isn’t the best solution, either it is cropped. Choose a solo photo for your profile pic. Avoid Watermarks/any irrelevant objects.

  1. Get someone else to take the picture for you.

Getting someone like a professional photographer or a co-worker makes the best pose for your profile pic; it seems more natural with the right expressions and be sure to avoid distracted backgrounds.



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